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In an innovative society like ours that is characterized by skills, learning should be individualized, more practical measures should be employed to help construct the individual potentials, as that is a tool in keeping innovation alive. But it is obvious that our schools are not structured to motivate or address the skills, talents of the students. Some student may not be on the A-class level, with regard to academic performance, maybe not found among the B’s, but might posses a gift that can push him/her to the top to affect the world, what becomes that students fate when such gifts or abilities are not encouraged?
Symeba, a nondenominational Christian body has found it important to address this norm by organising a SPELLING COMPETITION AND TALENT HUNT specifically for teens in Secondary schools.
Details contained on the flyer. There is also a price tag for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions; these is to help motivate.


You can register with the below link