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How I Work: Kagure Wamunyu, Kobo360 Africa Region Chief Executive Officer

Kagure Wamunyu has consistently had an enthusiasm for vehicle. In 2015, she lead the development of Uber in Kenya as Head of Operations for right around two years before climbing the positions to turn into the Country Manager. Furthermore, after a spell as executive of methodology at Bridge International Academies in East Africa, Kagure came back to the universe of vehicle innovation to lead the development and development of Kobo360 in the Africa Region.

On this week How I Work, Kagure Wamunyu shares her profession venture, what her activity involves once a day and how she handles everything.

Current job: Africa Region, CEO at Kobo360

Area: Nairobi, Kenya

Current PC: MacBook

Current cell phone: iPhone

Portray how you work in single word:


Let us know quickly how you began and how you got where you are today

For whatever length of time that I can recall that, I have consistently had an enthusiasm for vehicle. I began my profession in the transportation business at Uber Kenya as nation administrator, where I directed the organization’s development. From that point, I proceeded to fill in as the ranking executive of technique for Bridge International Academies in East Africa, where I concentrated on approach and open private associations (PPPs).

Being a piece of these organizations further fuelled my enthusiasm for transportation, innovation, and business development, so joining Kobo360 was a characteristic fit for me as it includes these three components.

Walk us through a regular workday

I’m a morning individual. I wake up at 4:50 a.m. furthermore, work until 7 a.m.; this includes reacting to messages, giving criticism, and experiencing technique related work. Somewhere in the range of 7 and 10 a.m., I head to the workplace and spotlight on assignments identified with the transporters and truck proprietors we work with.

From 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. I am in gatherings with both outer partners and additionally colleagues. From 12 – 2 p.m. I take a shot at undertakings identifying with Kobo360 groups – this incorporates critical thinking, and from 2 – 5 p.m. I start the second leg of gatherings.

After 5 p.m. I center around different things identifying with the sheets I sit on or tutor other ladies. Most days end at 8 p.m. most recent — that is my cut-off point.

What applications, devices, or instruments wouldn’t you be able to manage without?

I can’t manage without WhatsApp, it’s fast and effective. Additionally, my telephone and PC since I can chip away at the two gadgets either in the workplace or progressing.

What’s your preferred alternate way or hack?

I like to spare time when doing my work, as there’s normally a ton to be finished. For instance, I have a standard layout for my Kobo360 introductions, which I’m ready to repurpose contingent upon who my crowd is. Just as having layouts, I spare everything on Google Drive — no one can really tell when you have to get to a specific record.

What task(s) do you despise yet at the same time do?

Assembling introductions. I additionally don’t care for reacting to messages — I get hundreds consistently.

How would you monitor what you need to do?

My schedule and my PA.

How would you energize or enjoy a reprieve?

To revive, I watch a decent motion picture; I completely love spy films. I additionally love perusing, especially African writing, just as gathering companions and resting.

Other than work, what do you invest energy doing? What do you appreciate?

I invest a great deal of energy with family and companions — hanging out and getting up to speed. I likewise tutor various little youngsters and ladies. An unusual side interest of mine is cooking; I appreciate it a great deal. I likewise appreciate shopping, viewing a decent film and tasting a decent mug of espresso — here’s a fun certainty: I co-possess a bistro in Nairobi called Lava Latte.

What are you at present perusing, watching, or tuning in to? What do you suggest?

As of now watching The Spy on Netflix and perusing Guide to Organization Design by Naomi Stanford. I will in general tune in to music that brings back specific recollections.

What’s the best guidance you’ve at any point gotten?

“Do your best any place you are currently and you will get the chance to have the option to do what you adore.”

“Resemble a duck (effortlessly swimming superficially and kicking and buckling down submerged).”

“Never get excessively agreeable, consistently attempt to improve yourself” – Dr Susan Mboya (my coach).

What’s an issue regardless you’re attempting to unravel?

Scaling Kobo360 inside as we quickly scale remotely, subsequently the book I am right now perusing – a decent group is at the core of a solid association and how individuals identify with one another is the distinction between 10x development and normal development. Also, I am yet to make sense of how to associate my introduction to a projector; it never works each time.

Who might you want to see answer these inquiries?

Dr Charity Wayua – Senior Research Manager at IBM.

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