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Ride Hailing Company (AK-taxi), Ready To Hit The Nigerian Market

Ride-hailing company known as AK-Taxi is getting set to take over Africa market beginning with Nigeria. 

AK Taxi offers a bargain for price business model which allow riders to offer their own fare for their trips. 

Trips on your terms

With AK Taxi you can offer your own price for the drivers.

Drivers are not left out in the benefits AK-Taxi offer. Unlike other Ride hailing companies, AK-Taxi offers 0% Commissions, meaning that drivers do not have to pay the regular 20-30% commissions per trip. Rather, drivers pay a token for monthly subscriptions.

Presently, AK taxi is in its pre launch stage but the company has been experiencing alot of downloads from riders and drivers who anticipate the use of the product in September 2019.

AK Taxi is also open for partnership with Agents who will manage the Drivers and they will be on our monthly payroll.

Why use AK-TAXI

No commission

With AK-Taxi, drivers do not worry about commissions rather, they pay a 30 days subscription. This allows drivers to carry out orders cheaper than other services while passengers save from 20-30% on each trip.

Riders/Passenger control Price

Riders/Passengers offer a reasonable fair and AK-Taxi does not manipulate the price of a trip under the cover of high demand. The price of the trip is controlled by the passenger, not the private taxi service algorithm.

Easy to get a ride

  •  Professional and easy to use software
  •  Setup and installations takes 30 seconds
  •  Perfect for any device with pixel perfect design
  •  Setup and installations really really fast

How it works

  • Offer your price!Specify your route and price, we will offer your order to drivers
  • Fast car feedThe order is sent to the nearest drivers
  • Have a car? Make money!Activate the driver mode menu and select orders

Easy to become a driver!

  • Access to ride requests
  • How to sign-up as a driver
  • Fill the information Let us know about you and your car.
  • Ride requests feedChoose worthy ones

To download the application follow the link to google Play store:

*Download Link:

You can also visit the company website at

or contact 

*Tel:* +2349066616106, +2348033448638


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