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This smart Chrome expansion covers Netflix in a telephone call

We don’t advise watching Netflix while you’re at work, but if that’s how you want to play it, there’s a new tool that’ll help make it a whole lot easier.

It’s a browser extension called Netflix Hangouts, and it simply plays your Netflix stream in a smaller window in an interface that makes it look like you’re on a video conference call with other people.

So if your boss or colleagues walk past your desk, they’ll be none the wiser – unless of course, they look real close. I imagine this works a lot better with mockumentaries like The Office, or anything shot with realistic settings and lighting, as opposed to a period film.

The extension works as advertised, and it’s easy enough to switch back to full-screen Netflix just by clicking the extension button in your browser’s toolbar.

Netflix Hangouts was built by New York-based digital marketing firm Mschf. The company says it’s previously worked with brands like Target, Chipotle, and even Netflix, and also built the cute Tabagotchi extension to help you wrangle your tab habit.

Get the extension for Chrome from this page.

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